Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mrs. Solemnus

Apparently, violence broke out at the 119th Nothern Tier summertime Philosopher's Conference at Lake George, NY, when two bitterly opposed factions came head to head during the panel discussion "What is Life?"

One group, headed up by the traditionalist Dr. Gordon Pffeuffeullhuffer, insisted that there was no reason to modify the generally accepted dictum that life is just a bowl of cherries. However, the other faction, led by notorious philosophical upstart Dr. Helen Abercrombie-Fitch, chose the panel to vociferously advance their proposition that life is more accurately described as a box of chocolates.

Verbal abuse and vulgarities soon descended into out and out physical warfare between the two groups. Although the organizers of the events attempted to breach a rapproachment by suggesting that life might be regarded henceforth as a box of chocolate covered cherries, their efforts were either unacceptable, or simply proffered too late to stem the bloody tide that washed over the conference and forced it's unfortunately untimely end.

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