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Dean Rochtelschofften, director and founder

Summer Semester 2006
Schedule: Courses, Seminars and Retreats

Welcome to another wonderful and enlightening season at the Quiddity Institute for Holistic Studies. Our mission statement is to provide the highest quality spiritual experiences money can buy, and your overwhelming response has made that more than possible.

with Frog Bettleheim

Join us as we journey back into the dim reaches of a time when great sages trod the earth like buffalo on the plains. In those slower, more contemplative days, the Enlightened Ones reaffirmed their connection with Great Mother Earth every day, in as simple an act as walking on their own two feet. Under the wise direction of Zen Walker Frog Bettleheim, we shall set forth across grassy fields and through wooded groves, traveling in much the same manner as did Jesus, Buddha, and other Enlightened spirits of those centuries-old ages gone by.

course # 1000099
cost: $295, Friday Only
$400 Entire Weekend

NOTE: To enhance our experience of Zen Walking, Frog Bettelheim, in conjunction with Nike (TM) Sneakers, is making available to all participants the Special Edition Zen Sandals

With Swami Sri Ben Scyczinski, MBA

To paraphrase that ancient nugget of zen wisdom: “Buy low, sell high - Become enlightened - Buy low, sell high”. Zen Stockbroker Swami Sri Ben Scyczinski shows us, in his life-affirming and wisdom-saturated way, how becoming Enlightened transforms the mundane act of doing a stock split on a triple witching day into a metaphor for the very act of Creation itself; a connection with the deepest mysteries of the universe, and makes the trader a conduit for the Pure White Light of Universal, Unconditional Love.

Course # 550122
Cost: $1200, or $750 in Blue Chip options

with Baba Ram Ram

We are proud and honored to be able to present his Enlightenedness: the former Harvard Professor Tom MacIntyre, Baba Ram Ram. For the second year running, Ram - best known as the author of the seminal sixties psychedelic manifesto, Be There Then - will bring his gentle wisdom and profound profundity to our campus at Quiddity.

Last year, students at Quiddity were reporting miraculous transformations just by being in the presence of Baba Ram, including the spontaneous curing of hangnails, the resolution of pre-birth trauma, and anaphylactic trance states. Don’t miss your opportunity to partake of this truly exceptional Spiritual person.

(NOTE: Reserve your spot in this offering early; we guarantee that the weekend will fill up very quickly. In order to accommodate demand for this course, we will be providing a special three-hour closed circuit television broadcast of Baba Ram’s presence. If you are shut out of the course, you will be placed on the list for the closed circuit broadcast)

course # 9090909
cost: $1500, Weekend Seminar (No single days available, sorry)
$395, Special three-hour closed circuit presence broadcast

with Nefertiti Schwartz

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? You’ll know the answer after this fulfilling and uplifting seminar in White Witchcraft by renowned Wiccan and “Official Witch of Burkettsville, MD”, Nefertiti Schwartz. This four-day seminar will plainly lay out the differences between White Magic and Black, as well as Schwartz’ own system of practice; Rainbow Magic (TM), and the Rainbow Magic (TM) Seminars. Also included will be Practical Magic tips, such as where to find to quality Athames at wholesale prices, why a good scrying mirror will save you money in the long run, and the best public places for skyclad rituals. So grab your pentacles and join us for a fun and enlightening time.

NOTE: Nefertiti Schwartz will also be holding a special Spells workshop (additional tuition required). This will include Schwartz’ popular “Fifteen Ways to Get Around the Rede”. The cost of materials will be included in the tuition.

Course # 1313131313
Cost: $600

Course # 00000021
Cost: $350 (Includes herbs, incense, essential oils, candles, and goats)

With Howard BlueBear Rosencrantz

In the days of the Grandfathers, a Vision Quest required stamina, fortitude, an intense desire for union with the Great Spirit, and a remote place that took days to get to in arduous travel. At Quiddity, we recreate this grueling but life-changing experience on our own Vision Quest Island, which lies hidden in the mists in the center of Quiddity’s ten-acre lake. Using the wisdom and knowledge gained on his own Vision Quest in the Jersey Pine Barrens, best selling author Howard BlueBear Rosencrantz takes us on a journey to the center of the soul, where the Gods can speak to us and tell us amazing and enlightening things. A signed Certificate of Visions will be awarded at the end of each Vision Quest.

Course# 15
Cost: $800 (Includes cost of certificate)

With Annie Tinkle

Who says Enlightenment has to be dull? Former Adult Film star-turned-Spiritual Feminist-and-Tantric Love Goddess Annie Tinkle brings her erotic whimsy to Quiddity for the first time. Connecting to her spiritual roots through such enlightened women as the Vestals and the Sacred Prostitutes of Kali, Tinkle explicitly shows us that she is the embodiment of the Fertility Goddess, the living link between the Life Force and Eros, the numenosis of ecstatic arousal from which the light of knowledge springs forth to quicken the pulse of the Great Mother Gaia. Special Personal Counseling sessions will be available in the back room after the seminar.

(The seminar is not open to minors, sorry. Child care will be made available.)

Cost: $550
$300 Special Personal Counseling Session

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