Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We Are Afraid

We are afraid that events have gone beyond our control. We are afraid to inform you. We are afraid that fear is not the only thing to be afraid of. We are afraid that things have come to such a pass. We are afraid that we have been right all along. We are afraid that nobody knows anything at all. We are afraid of Dada, Bauhaus, Neo-Platonic Quantum Surrealism, Scientology. We are afraid that cubist multimedia uber-art metamorphism, theater of the unkind. We are afraid, that we do not know how to make sense anymore. We are afraid, and that peanut and butter might never be said again in the same sentence, we are afraid, that we will win a MacArthur Genius Grant and then not be able to think of what to do with the money, we are afraid that not only is one religion right, but every single religion in the world that ever existed in human history is right, they are all right, every last one of them, and they will be right one at a time, so that we get to be nailed by every single one we didn't believe in, until everybody gets in their licks. You bet we are afraid.

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